BJP Leader Jaswant Singh supports Former Air Chief SP Tyagi

BJP Leader Jaswant Singh supports Former Air Chief SP Tyagi. And no one is surprised.

It was very visible from the beginning that BJP will defend the Former Air Chief, entangled in the AgustaWestland  Helicopter kickbacks; As BJP itself has much to answer in this deal.

But like always, BJP is trying to shoo away the uncomfortable questions; by raising the topics like patriotism, dignity of the men in uniform and the morale of Indian Armed Forces etc. The party knows, these topics are close to the hearts of Indian people; and hence can be good slogans to vouch for, whenever it finds itself in a tricky situation.

But lets hope, BJP doesn’t succeed this time. And let the probity prevail.

Donning a Uniform doesn’t make a person honest:

The assertion that  — No one should suspect the honesty of the Men in Uniform, is quite illogical.

As, wherever  there’s money; there can be dishonesty.

In the past we have seen Army Rationing Scams, Sukna Land scam, Ketchup Colonel, Army Officers’ wives joy riding Indian Airforce plane (meant for President) to see the sunset at Kanyakumari etc.

In the AgustaWesland Helicopter scam as well; even if the Former Air Chief is given benefit of doubt regarding the kickbacks; still he’s guilty of Conflict of Interest. To be frank,  he can’t hide behind the veil of ignorance now, as any person in such an elevated post, must know who he’s dealing with.

We often talk about, Bureaucrats amassing big money, many times more than their salaries. Unfortunately, we don’t ask how the Armed Forces Officers manage that kind of lifestyle, post retirement. The question is important, as both bureaucrats and Armed Forces Officers are benefiting from Systemic corruption and Conflict of Interest.

Indian media, especially the electronic media, wants the Indians to have undoubtable faith on Indian Armed forces. This is because, it’s towing the sentiment in USA.

But, India is not USA. USA is at war against some country at some part of the world, even at this moment. That apart, USA is a resource rich country, where the area is many times more than the population. India in contrast, fights one war in every 30 years. It’s a small country (area-wise), with huge population. And here, one can’t have the same sentiments for Armed Forces, as people have in US. And if the citizens don’t question the Armed Forces, it will encroach on limited Resources.