BJP pacing up for Lok Sabha elections and Vajpayee’s Urns

Has the countdown for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections begun?

It seems so.

The ruling party seems to be pacing up its pre-poll machinery.

No one is singling out the ruling party, the BJP, here. It is only that its poll apparatus has visibly started earlier and with more focus. The Party President always seems preparing for one poll or the other. For the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections he started with a “Sampark for Samarthan” programme sometime in June. Now the party has started a new effort wherein the urns (pitcher or in Hindi “Matki with asthi“) of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee were handed over to BJP party chiefs of various states. The grand objective of this handing over of urns by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and senior BJP leaders in a grand function to respective party chiefs is the immersion of ashes in all rivers in India. The ashes of former PM have already been immersed in river Ganges in Hardwar last week.

So BJP seems to be well into the election mode.

That said, in his book, The Accidental Prime Minister, Sanjaya Baru, former PM Manmohan Singh’s media advisor (2004-08) recounts that the economist PM always seemed more puzzled with the economic side of the Government than the political one. According to the author, the former PM spent most of his time reading files, rending file notings or perfecting policy drafts. That account seems true even to a lay reader like I. We rarely saw the former PM appearing and making speeches in public.

According to the author, the inability of the former PM Manmohan Singh make his political relevance felt, ultimately resulted in his downfall. But sadly, the economist PM believed that his work will speak for itself. Something, the author believes is never the case.