BJP Proves again, Communalism Pays in India

The results of the four recent Assembly Elections has once again proved that BJP’s shade of communalism (or secularism) pays rich dividends in India. BJP leadership’s decision to felicitate  at Modi’s Agra rally, the three MLAs accused in Muzaffar Nagar communal violence of 2013, has tilted all the Jat votes in the Jat dominated areas of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The hoarding celebrating MLA Sangeet Som as Thakur Sangeet Singh Som wasn’t there for no reason.

The so called secular character of Congress may or may not click with the voters, but the BJP’s shade of secularism is surely doing the trick.

  • BJP has everything to rule this 125 crore people…
  • BJP has 100 percent dependent Hinduttva vote bank.
  • BJP has 100 percent dependent RSS cadre, which votes for BJP
  • BJP has Development of Gujarat by RSS-BJP Leader Narendra Modi (if nothing else appeals to a voter)
  • BJP has Hindu Dharma Gurus, Bhagwat Katha vachaks, Gau Katha Vachaks, God fearing individuals
  • BJP has Fire Brand Hindus, Hindu Hridaya Samrats, Hunkaar Rallyists, Shankhnad Rallyists,
  • BJP has Character and Vision
  • BJP is a party with Difference on Every Front
  • BJP has Leaders, cadre and voters who can tilt every debate to their side
  • BJP has Kejriwals and Annas to win over Congress voters.
  • BJP has Leaders like Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj who can be easily pushed into oblivion.


….in short BJP has the solution to Every problem India faces Today.

As BJP says, there’s no such thing as Secularism. And rightly so. If Congress is Secular, then so is BJP. Congress is going to have a difficult time ahead. Especially when it is adamant to rethink its ideology or change its ideology to suit situations. The way BJP does.

BJP knows well: When the seed of communalism is sown in a mind, it cannibalizes every other Thought.