BJP removes Saffron Colour from its Lotus Symbol

It’ll not be wrong to say that Colours symbolize something. If that not be so, then a Hindu sage wouldn’t have stuck to saffron. If that not be so, then people might not visit funerals in light coloured clothings. Colours do convey messages; and sometimes that conveyance makes or breaks the entire message.

BJP removes Saffron Colour from its Lotus SymbolBJP has filed an application at the EC to change the colour of party Symbol. The change requested goes like this: A black and White Lotus picture with thick black lines. No saffron colour in the flower petals and no green colour in leaves.

Now, BJP says that change requested is to make the BJP symbol more visible to voters in the Electronic Voting Machine Panel. Emphasising that many of its card holders have complained that the saffron colour Lotus symbol is not very visible on the EVM panel.

What is happening at BJP? You can’t devoid your party symbol of its colours. Especially when colours symbolise something. It’s similar to a tiger losing its stripes.

Not to offend anyone, but in the lure of power in 2014, BJP is behaving like a child who will do anything to get a toffee.

In a bid to become appealing or acceptable to everyone, it’s suddenly shedding its colours. The party needs some well wishers.