BJP showing plain disregard for Liberals in India!

To clarify, I’ve no problem with BJP coming to power after Lok Sabha elections 2014 or Modi becoming the PM. If the country mandates for BJP or Modi; who am I to say contrary. My problem with BJP and its leaders is a sheer disregard or disrespect for liberals in the Country. Liberals are much more than secular people. Liberals are those people who see things on facts and don’t always harbour petty thoughts in their minds.

How BJP is showing plain disregard for Liberals in India ?

In order to make their arguments strong , BJP leaders use statements like these :

Every Patriot (Deshbhakt) will vote for BJP or Modi !

Modi’s critics will have to live in Pakistan, not India ( BJP leader Giriraj Singh )

People who love their country will bring BJP to power !

All the above statements indirectly prove this :

Anyone who doesn’t vote for BJP is not a patriot, doesn’t love his/her country or are unfit to live in India.

I’ll not defend liberals or anyone else who votes for other political parties ; but being a liberal person myself , I can give you a reason why liberals do want NOT to harbour and propagate BJP like thoughts in their minds. Here’s the reason :

When I write or speak, I have in my mind a young man or woman living in Australia, Germany , Kenya , USA or in any other part of the World. This Indian is living in that country to feed his/her family. comfortably sitting in my house in India, I can easily write and speak BITTER WORDS like that of BJP. But if I do so, I put to threat all those Indians living outside India or Indians living away from their place of Birth (such as a person from Bihar or UP living in Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Bangalore). For the goodwill of all such Indians, who live outside India or outside their place of birth, I choose not to spit venom.

In an India, where a section of Indians are desperately trying to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra; liberal people are trying to protect the multi ethnicity and religiosity of India; as we want Indians safe everywhere, in countries of every race, ethnicity or religion.