BJP Spokesperson defends Rampal’s disciples

In a TV channel debate on Sant Rampal of Hissar evading arrest by hiding behind the human shield of his armed disciples, the BJP Spokesperson, Anil Jain, tried to defend the act of Rampal’s supporter’s as one emanating from their feelings towards their Guru. Although that was not surprising, going by his party’s track record; still the defence was unfortunate. As the arrest orders were in connection to a murder case, by Punjab and Haryana High Court. That apart, Can we tolerate such Groups, irrespective of them being religious groups or cults, disobey Rule of Law? Can we afford such parallel Governments?

It would have been alright if the BJP Spokesperson had defended the non-arrest , even days after the HC order, on grounds of the Haryana Government fearing the deterioration of Law and order situation in areas in Hissar and elsewhere. Sometimes Governments do avoid certain acts to maintain Law and order; and hence there is nothing wrong in that. But defending someone disobeying rule of Law as disciples’ religious sentiment is way too much.

Actually, BJP spokesperson’s defence comes from a mindset, where one respects and hails Court, until the verdict suits them. The moment the verdict contradicts them, they start defending their opposition on the grounds of faith, religion and sentiment.

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  • Rajesh Rao Nov 12, 2014, 8:29 pm

    That is so very true. The law is the Law… till the time someone else bears the brunt. The moment the axe is aimed at us or someone near or dear, we Indians resort to sentiments.