BJP Supports Reservation in India… Really!

Now that BJP is in power, it must clear its stand on Reservation system in India. Dilly dallying is not good for a party of this stature.

Speaking  to his party men, from the dais in Begusarai yesterday, BJP President Amit Shah said: BJP was, is and will remain a supporter of reservation in the country.

Should one believe? You decide yourself.

Whether BJP supports Reservation or Not can be understood from the events in the recent past.

    • Not even a fortnight ago, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat gave a statement on the need to review reservation. Some people are saying, he’s being misqouted. Below is what he said on Reservation:

“Reservation for socially backward classes is the right example in this regard. If we would have implemented this policy as envisaged by the Constitution makers instead of doing politics over it, then present situation would not have arrived. Since inception it has been politicized. We believe, form a committee of people genuinely concerned for the interest of the whole nation and committed for social equality, including some representatives from the society, they should decide which categories require reservation and for how long. The non-political committee, like autonomous commissions, should be the implementation authority; political authorities should supervise them for honesty and integrity.”

What does this mean? Who will be these people who are genuinely concerned about … blah… blah.

Which political authority the people can trust to supervise?

Unfortunately, everything which Bhagwat ji said, contradicted each other.

The point is : If the collective wisdom of the parliament can’t be taken as impartial or a genuine concern, then which political authority Bhagwat ji is talking about.

Ideally, a person who’s truly concerned about the END of deprivation of the deprived; will NEVER say something which Mohan Bhagwat said. As Reservation has played and will continue to play a positive role in giving real power to the deprived sections & empowering India. And any well wisher will welcome that.


  • Please don’t say BJP is not RSS! : In the recently concluded BJP Chintan Shivir (BJP Think Camp), many BJP Government Ministers discussed things with RSS. When asked why an elected Government is giving report cards to RSS, a Cultural Organisation; the BJP spokespersons saw nothing wrong in doing so, as RSS is BJP’s parent organisation (in Hindi ‘Matri Sanstha’).

Under this light, is wrong to assume that Mohan Bhagwat’s uneasiness with Reservation drips down to BJP as well.


Over the years, I’ve observed that those individuals or the political parties which have no problem with Reservation in India; Do NOT question the : Effectiveness of Reservation, the validity of reservation, the real benefit of reservation , need for a reservation audit etc. in public debate. They don’t even bring the question of ‘Ability’. Why? First, as they genuinely believe that any benefit of reservation is Good. And two, they know that there are various factors which blunt a person’s Ability. And Social discrimination is one of the key factors.

Only those political parties or individuals who want the Reservation in India TO END; keep bringing such questions, either through their parent,sister or linked organizations or through their committed supporters.