BJP’s “Ghar Wapasi” and Godse the Martyr!

You will ask why I’m associating BJP with the “Ghar Wapasi” effort of Saffron organisations such as VHP or RSS. Simply because, it’s the BJP leaders who are patronising these religious conversion events (Conversion from other Religions to Hinduism), by participating in them in person. The BJP Spokespersons are also seen defending such Religious Conversions on News Channel debates.

I’ve no problems with organisations such as VHP or RSS or Christian Missionaries  converting people to their respective regions. Why? As they are non-political in book. And unless they convert people by coercion, their conversion effort can’t be criticised. My uneasiness is with the BJP, which is a political organisation; and hence it must have some respect for the Constitution of India. Right now BJP is in power in the Centre. Before that, it is in power in many States. This means that it must respect what Constitution of India says with respect to Religion. Indian Constitution says that the state has no official Religion. This means that India purports to be officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion. Under this light, any constituent of the Government supporting any particular religion is wrong. In some debates, we often mistake a blind eye to religion conversions in the country, as equivalent to the state (Country/Government)patronising or supporting it. They are not the same. As already said above, religious organisations will always try to expand their membership; and unless the act of conversion is forceful, the state can’t stop such organisations from increasing their membership.

I’ve always considered BJP as a child who can dance for the lure of a toffee. BJP’s support for Ghar Wapasi is nothing but a greed for votes. A greed so great that it’s not even asking itself, how born Hindus will react to such new inductions. BJP is assuming that every Hindu will approve such conversions. A confidence, which made BJP to set aside its previous slogan : One can only be a Hindu by Birth. Another complementary question is: How will the converted be treated in their new Religion. 

Coming on to the Godse comment of another BJP MP, Sakshi Maharaj. He called him a martyr. Later he apologised. Don’t know how to comment on the statement. To sum up, firstly, since Sakshi Maharaj belongs to BJP, BJP can’t dissociate itself from the statement. That’s why it’s obvious to see the statement as BJP’s official line. Secondly, MK Gandhi may not be that great, as many of us want the World to think him to be. To pacify his critics, let’s assume that he made gross mistakes during his lifetime. Still , the fact remains the same. Godse killed Gandhi. And a Killer can’t be a great man either. That too : You can’t kill a man simply because you disagree with him or his acts.