BJP’s National General Secretary tries create controversy, then Apologizes

… and the party accepts it.

I’m talking about BJP General Secretary, Ram Madhav.

Madhav who RSS relieved from his duties there to work in BJP, RSS’s political Wing; made the following tweet questioning the absence of vice-president Hamid Ansari from the World Yoga Day function on Rajpath:

ram madha and cleverly disguised polarizing tweet

Screenshot of Ram Madhav’s Deleted Tweet

Later the Vice President’s Office clarified that the Vice President had not attended the Celebrations simply because the Vice President was never invited to the Event. Something which the Union minister of state for AYUSH — the newly-formed ministry that organised the International Day of Yoga event — Shripad Naik, quickly endorsed, citing protocol to clarify about why the vice-president (and the President) can’t be invited to an event where the Prime Minister is chief guest.

Ram Madhav later made another tweet, which read,

“Am informed dat d VP was unwell. I withdrew my tweet. My apologies because d institution of VP deserves respect.”

And interestingly, he deleted that one as well. I personally believe, public figures shouldn’t delete their remarks. The responsibility becomes even more when one is part of the Government.

When asked to comment on the controversial Tweet, Naid Said,

“Unknowingly something happens, we apologize for that. It should have been avoided. It’s a mistake, he (Madhav) agrees, he apologised. He withdrew his statement,”

The Rajya Sabha TV also cleared the air by issuing a statement that the event was telecast live.

Funnily enough, BJP appears to be the only party which can excuse its National Secretary for lack of information. Actually the fact is, for the party, Ram Madhav’s incident is nothing but an opportunity lost. The party must surely have instructed Madhav to be more careful the next time.

Many newspapers are now busy promoting that the Vice President Ansari does yoga regularly and did it on Sunday, too, at his residence. Whether, he does Yoga or not, is his personal business.

Congress man Jairam Ramesh sees Ram Madhav’s Tweet this way,

“It is clear from the tweet of Shri Ram Madhav that communal polarisation was the main objective of the International Yoga Day. Communal polarisation is the only thing Mr. Modi, Mr. Amit Shah and Shri Ram Madhav know.”

Whatever Agenda Ram Ramdhav may have, but one thing is for sure, all through the event, he remained hawk-eyed for a particular person from other faith. A person about whom a Tweet could be made. The photo below from the event is a testimony to it:

ram madhav in front of a muslim

Ram Madhav ! Just look around | Image PTI