BJP’s vote favoring Quota in Promotions,makes Lobbying Law important for India

One political party which visibly ditched its supporters on the ‘Quota in Promotion’ issue — is the BJP.

But interestingly, it has not ditched all its supporters. It actually ditched only those supporters who naively or consciously see BJP, in true literal sense, as the “Party of the Upper Castes”. Those hardcore supporters of BJP, who love BJP for anything it does, unless it gets votes and inches towards its grand objective of having a Government in 2014; are least bothered or disappointed by the BJP’s vote in Rajya Sabha. And in fact majority of BJP’s following constitutes of these.

Politcal Parties never take decisions impromptu:

The BJP’s vote in RS favouring Quota in Promotions, may appear to many as a “suicidal” act. To tell you, political parties, spend a lot on research and every decision they make is well-informed.

So BJP voted in favour of the Quota in RS, as it knew it didn’t matter to its supporters. And a vote in favour or against will not make them vote against BJP in 2014. Just ask yourself, How many people are in Government Jobs? And you will see why BJP didn’t care for the same.

BJP’s vote favoring Quota in Promotions,makes Lobbying Law important for India:

In USA there’s a Lobbying Law in place. The Law making Lobbying legal, makes political parties to take funds openly and clearly put on public domain the list of the funding persons, companies and groups. In addition, the law also makes political parties disclose their proposed policies more transparently during election campaigning.

Courtesy the Lobbying Law, the voters know right at the time of voting, the issues a political party will take when it comes to power (if a political party takes money from a particular Group, then it logically will make policies in its favour).

In India, political parties like BJP are benefiting from “The absence of a Lobbying Law”. They make a promise to the voters on almost every issue, if it gets it the votes; but when in power puts all of them to the back burner. Ram Mandir, Ayodhya, Quota in Promotions, FDI, CBI, Lokayukta etc. are some examples.

It’s high time that, BJP makes its stand clear: If it’s a party of the Upper Castes, then it should come out in open and tell the upper castes, how it plans to benefit them.

If BJP sees itself as a party of the Business Community — then it should speak clearly, how it plans to benefit them, when in power.

Even the stanchest BJP Supporter has the Right to Know:

Even the staunchest of BJP supporters has the right to know that, if it’s the war of Hegemony (in Hindi ‘Varchasva ki ladai’) for the Upper Castes; then abandoning the ground on symbolic issues like “Quota in Promotions” will not help the group (the upper castes).

Try to trace the history of BJP, from the point the Babri masjid was demolished in Ayodhya in 1992 to 2012; and you see that, BJP is acting like a greedy child — who can do almost anything (dance, sing, somersault) to get a toffee (votes).

It’s time, BJP make it clear, what it stands for and whose flag-bearer it’s!

And a proper lobbying law will help the country get BJP’s important disclosure.  Tell you, political parties don’t want a lobbying law as it exposes them. Saving tax is not the real reason.

[PS: Being a supporter of a religious, caste based political party is not wrong. After all who will represent the interests of highly religious OR caste loving people. But things should be more transparent. If a political party, keeps talking of “Yogyata”, “Hindu”, “Ram” and acts almost opposite; then all those people who support it, have every right to choose another party. But for that they should know the real agenda.]