Why Blame Mufti Md. Sayeed for Objectionable Statements

After all what he’s saying today is just his ideology. There’s no dichotomy on what he’s saying today and what he said in the past. He has always remained a sympathizers of the separatists.

If the blame goes, then it goes to its new Ally, the BJP.  It’s the BJP which did a 360 degree on its own ideology, to form a Government in J&K. Ever since it made Government with PDP in Jammu & Kashmir, it became approving of the issues it opposed during election rallies. For eg. Article 370.

It’s amazing, how BJP is abandoning the issues it opposed vehemently all these years. Many, very recently in the elections.

Why 360 degree turn is becoming evident?

Unlike other parties, which remain cautious and responsible of what they say in public or the issues they adopt to rally people’s votes; some parties simply don’t practice such a restraint. These political parties don’t shy away from making any promise or bad mouth any section or group, if they see vote gain. In J&K context, Article 370 was one such issue.

When Congress supported AAP to form Government in Delhi the last time, many criticized the move as both the parties “abandoning their Stand“. The viewpoint may be correct. But it was not 360 degrees. Otherwise, Delhi’s electorate may not have brought AAP to power with that overwhelming majority the very next time. People realised that there’s not much ideological difference between Congress and AAP. The two may have fought each other in the elections, but all the differences pertain to Governance. Hence AAP taking Congress’s support, or the Congress lending support to AAP is not a big deal.

The big deal is : When two political parties representing two faces of ideology (Such as Head and Tail of a coin ), embrace each other. An ideology is a set of conscious and unconscious ideas which make up one’s goals, expectations, and motivations.

Merely looking at the ideological views of BJP and PDP, gives one an idea, of polar they are. At least in what these parties preach. That’s why an alliance between these two parties, is uneasy, not only for critics, but also for the supporters.