Book Review | Foodie Kunal Vijayakar’s Debut Book

Book Review Made in India by Kunal Vijayakar: Trust a real Foodie to explore food, tastes and palette across India.

Out of all the food show hosts who combine food with travel, Kunal Vijayakar is the most credible one. Because he’s the only food show host, who takes munching beyond acting. He actually eats the Foodie kunal Vijayakar brings to you his Debut Book Made in India. The food nomad will surely motivate you try something tasty from remotest parts of A virtue much praised by anyone who sees self not as a critic but as a foodie . Only a foodie knows it takes real talent to stuff one’s mouth with big morsels. Kunal seems to love food.

For all his fans out there, Kunal Vijayakar’s ( the host of the TV show The Foodie) debut book ‘Made in India‘ has hit the market.

Kunal Vijaykar’s Book cooked Made in India much before anyone

The foreword of book is written by Cyrus Broacha. It’s Witty. Not a surprise, going by Broacha’s reputation of behaving like a man after a couple of shots. A witty foreword for Vijayakar’s book is apt as the author is the producer and actor of Cyrus Broacha hosted , Indian satirical show, The Week that Wasn’t.

The recipes shared in the book are quite common, and can be cooked easily at home. Yes, you don’t need skills of a chef.

Vijayakar’s tilt towards non-vegetarian food continues in the book as well. There’s much focus given to non vegetarian food— egg, chicken, fish, mutton, beef.

The book shares 60 recipes, and photographs. The idea is to show the reader the diversity of food in India; and the fact that he has traversed the lengths and breadths of India in search of food. A lot of photographs show Kunal eating at different dhabas and restaurants. Now, got why you need to be a Kunal Vijayakar fan and a real foodie to appreciate the work 🙂 .

My Opinion: If you’re a Foodie and a Vijayakar fan, you will love the book.