Book Review : You are the Best Wife

Book Review : For emotional lot, You are the Best Wife, can bring a mysterious emotion in the reader where one can relate to — How it feels when the realization settles that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore.  

Death is a great equalizer. It doesn’t spare anyone. Neither the rich nor the poor. Neither the Brahmin nor Kayastha. It’s especially shattering when someone extremely close has to go. Debutant Ajay K Pandey pays a fitting tribute to his wife Bhavna Pradhan, a young victim of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. Since Chetan Bhagat, we’re having an assembly line of Engineers turning writers. But this is perhaps the first time, someone has chosen to write, to immortalize his beloved. Has he succeeded ? Read on.

You are the Best Wife, A true love Story is about the coming together of two distinctly different people and how the fate conspires to bring them together and then strikes the deathly blow. Ajay K Pandey is a man with good sense of humor, great love for his family and a very decent ability to tell a story. He’s brutally honest about his shortcomings, his failures and his selfishness in the early parts of his life. He’s honest about his early inability to come to terms with Engineering college and with married life. In a story that is based on a profound personal tragedy, the humor quotient is quite remarkable.

You are the Best Wife book review.

There are heart breaking moments and gut wrenching moments towards the end. The author’s fight with his beliefs, the tendency to blame God (s) and finally the return to life are touching. His continued warmth with his mother-in-law after the death of Bhavna proves profound tragedies turn boys into men with substance (Or the Complete Man). There’s an acknowledgement in the end, where Bhavna speaks for her husband. It did leave me with moist eyes.

Bhavna and Ajay, like a large number of Indian youngsters were quite filmy in their life. They idolized SRK and Kajol. Yes, you now know what Gen the Author represents and is nostalgic about. Their love story was definitely heading towards an interesting drama before the fate brought an abrupt end.

This is perhaps the first time I’ve become emotional while reading a novel. With that, the author can consider his mission to be successful. Bhavna will definitely live on. May be I too became filmy and thus biased.

In short, a fantastic tribute to the Best Wife by her Best Husband.

I think, our Editor’s mission to cover books by new Authors; is paying off. Particularly, in terms of the happiness, a good book brings to the reader. This book takes one to a journey of an array of emotions.

Details of the Book

You are the Best Wife, A true Love Story.
Author: Ajay K Pandey
Published by: Srishti Publishers and Distributors in 2015
240 Pages, Soft Cover
Cover design: Wasim Helal
Price: Rs. 175/-
Editor’s Note: After reading the review, one thing came to my Mind. ‘Goodwill Pension’. This term comes to my mind every time I hear about turbulent and often misunderstood events in a young couple’s Life. If these turbulent times are not steered with wisdom and misunderstandings are not cleared with an unforgiving heart; both husband and wife, risk their Goodwill Pension (The emotional pension which both partners need during their old age).