Boston Marathon Blasts: One Lesson to we can learn

More than 24 hours have been passed; and still no terrorist group has taken responsibility for the Boston marathon blasts.

On contrary, whenever some blast takes place in India, within seconds someone drops an email at some news channel or law enforcement office, taking such responsibility. What is interesting is, most of these emails are from Islamic terrorist outfits like Indian Mujaheddin  or similar sounding names. Even the Malegaon and Samjhauta Express blasts, which on later investigation showed RSS links (Rashtriya Swayan Sevak), were first attributed to some Islamic terrorist outfit.

This points to two things… 

1) Either, it’s too easy to send an email, without revealing the true identity of the sender. Or

2) Those behind such blasts have least respect for the Indian Investigation. That’s why they don’t waste time before taking responsibility for such blast.

One Lesson we can Learn: India is a great country to be in, for anyone with extreme viewpoints, shades and leanings…and motives… and selfish interests…