Breaking BJP-PDP alliance, BJP returns back to where it started!

There is NO reason to believe that it was the PDP who pulled out of BJP-PDP alliance in Jammu & Kashmir.

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It is the BJP who pulled out of the alliance first and; we have no reason to believe why BJP cannot be the alliance breaker.


Because as far as PDP is concerned, it can form a Government with any political party in the state, except the Omar Abdullah led National Conference. National Conference and PDP are political rivals there. So they will never form a Government together.

If PDP sees National Conference as its political rival, then why will it shorten its present tenure in Government?

PDP has always been known as a separatists’ sympathizer (if you wish, you can call them terrorists as well). So when PDP is in power, it gets an additional sanction of being a main-stream political party.

Now lets talk about the BJP.

PDP can never be a natural ally for BJP. Or for that matter any other political party. Anyone who forms an alliance with PDP does so for just one motive — remain in power or in Government. So any party who forms an alliance with the PDP gives a clear message that it has some agreement with the PDP’s ideology.

Just pay attention to what BJP and PDP have said in public in recent past on issues such as Article 370, Kashmir, separatists, terrorism, Nationalism. You will find that PDP and BJP’s views are totally opposite (and in contradiction) to each other.

The difference in their(BJP-PDP) publicly held views is so big, that it is difficult to understand how they managed to create a Common minimum programme to form a Government three years ago.

To conclude, BJP pulling out of alliance in J&K now, points to just one logical understanding. BJP wants to bring back the emotional issues such as Article 370, Kashmir, separatists, terrorism, Nationalism in public rallies and speeches ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. The party wants to return back to where it started, three years ago. Continuing its alliance with the PDP in Kashmir would have made BJP sound less credible on these emotive issues.