British Spies tried to adulterate Hitler’s food with female sex hormone

A new book, titled ‘Secret Weapons: Technology, Science and the Race to Win World War II (General Military)’by Prof Brian J. Ford, a science writer and fellow of Cardiff University, reveals that in extreme desparation to end the WWII, British Spies even tried to administer Hitler female sex hormone to feminise him. Their idea was to adulterate Hitler’s food with female sex hormone Oestorgen, which is tasteless and would have a slow and subtle effect.

Other examples of secret weapons were, a giant water-borne Catherine wheel full of explosives – dubbed the Great Panjandrum – for an assault on the Normandy coast, disguising bombs in tins of fruit being imported to Germany, and boxes of poisonous snakes dropped on enemy troops.

About the Book: 

Powerful illustrations and a unique new narrative make this an incomparable illustrated history of the secret weapons that changed the course of World War II. The book’s basic structure is chronological, charting the race in technology between the Allied and Axis powers, with examples of their use in battle, along with those that remained experimental or remained the stuff of science fiction. Importantly (and of interest to the general reader) it also shows how wartime research anticipated the high-tech era in which we now live. The account charts secret weapons development from the Japanese ray gun of the 1930s to the powerful V2 rocket, and compares World War II secret weapons research with the realities of present-day science. It’s a riveting story of innovation under pressure, from a world of machine guns and biplanes to electronics, rockets, and nuclear bombs with the power to wipe out humanity.