Britney Spears weight loss formula revealed

Pop Singer Britney Spears, 29, has reportedly shed the pounds. But How?

Simply by becoming aware about what she eats and by exercising regularly. Yes this is Britney Spears’ weight loss formula.

According to reports, a lighter Britney is a result of her trading cheese grits for toast.

The singer is believed to have replaced fatty fast food in her daily diets with fruit, wholemeal toast, sushi and lots of chicken or fish. In addition, she is also drinking at least three litres of water per day (something which many link to her clear complexion of late).

The fact that, Britney is feeling quite good emotionally as well, has helped her up with her new diet (Britney even curbed her cravings for a burger or the Southern food she loves, by simply refocusing on her body & mind, both of which are lining up towards a better state).

To complement the diet change, Britney is back to dancing six days a week (Dancing is an exercise), living the tough regime of a full-time dancer.

According to reports, a lighter Britney, eating right and exercising regularly, is feeling as good as she looks right now.