Byculla to Bangkok : Mumbai Underworld Book by Black Friday Writer

Arun Gawli, Ashwin Naik, Chhota Rajan, mumbai underworld, New Book, mumbai organised crime, black friday writerIf you’re tired of all the election news on TV channels and newspapers, then a new book titled Byculla to Bangkok by S. Hussain Zaidi will be great change for you. The tightly packaged book on underworld dons from Mumbai will be an addictive read for anyone who likes the gangster drama. The book is second from S. Hussain Zaidi , after great response to his first book, named Dongri To Dubai.

Hussain Zaidi is a Mumbai based journalist and writer. His earlier book Dongri to Dubai, has become a bestseller. His writing style packs a lot of drama and suspense. No wonder, he has also written: Black Friday, Mafia Queens of Mumbai and Headley and I.

About the Book :

Sequel to the best-selling Dongri to Dubai, S. Hussain Zaidi’s Byculla to Bangkok returns to the Mumbai Underworld and tells the story of its dons. That’s Chhota Rajan, Arun Gawli, Ashwin Naik. Who is Arun Gawli? He is the one who came to limelight after trade union leader Dr. Datta Samant’s murder. Later he also linked with the murder of the Industrialist Sumit Khatau. In short, he like others in the book, are characters in the complicated (and often times, simple) politician-gangster-police-industrialist nexus which more often than not results in illegal extortion and crime.

What is it that made men leading seemingly mundane lives turn into the terrors of the Mumbai Underworld? Organized crime has never had a greater grip anywhere else than in Mumbai towards the end of the twentieth century. This is a book about the unassuming beginnings to what became the crime syndicate.