Cambridge Analytica Whistle-blowers put both BJP, Congress in dock!

The whistle-blower in Cambridge Analytica expose, Chris Wylie, has deposed before the British Parliament that he feels: Congress or INC might have taken its services.

A day or two after Cambridge Analytica became a news in India, we shared here as to why we think Congress might have taken the Company’s services, but not in some distant past. We also discussed why you must not delete your Facebook Account simply because Cambridge Analytica managed to lay its hands on personal data of 60 million or 6 crore Facebook users.

cambridge analytica, bjp, congress, data theftCongress still claims that it is BJP which has taken Cambridge Analytica’s services during the build-up to 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. A Whistle-blower associated with Cambridge Analytica’s operations in India has in fact deposed that Cambridge Analytica’s services were taken by BJP to defeat Congress.

Who you want to believe? … You can decide. As at both places, the whistle-blowers are saying what they believe was the reality.

But still is there some way to find out who of the two whistle-blowers may be believed?

Yes there is. And then it seems that the Whistle-blower from India is closer to the real picture and; it might be the BJP who had taken Cambridge Analytica’s services the time the Whistle-blower is referring to. Here is why.

The way Congress has handled its Online marketing so far lacks finesse. The way Congress uses online marketing even today, seems very primitive. Forget dominating online space, Congress does not even know how to properly manage its Twitter or Facebook presence. Going by Congress’ online marketing expertise in 2018, it seems highly unlikely for it to hire someone way back in 2013 or 2009. In contrast, BJP seems much ahead in the online marketing game. Since political parties are rarely known for online marketing expertise, hence going by BJP’s online dominance and refinement, it seems that the party is at least 5 years ahead of its political rivals. It also means that the party will be sitting on much more user data and every transaction associated with it, than any other political party in India. In fact, PM Narendra Modi has publicly accepted on many occasions that BJP realized the importance of online marketing at a time when rivals were simply seeing it as some fancy fad.

So after considering all the possibilities, the version of whistle-blower(s) in India may be the real picture.

If someone still has doubts, then consider how Congress tackled the Cambridge Analytica issue. The party didn’t have the basic expertise to handle that properly.