Campus at engineering colleges in Nagpur 2011-12 sees average salary reach 320k

On Campus hiring is a time of anxiety, celebration and appraisal for freshers.

Freshers in the campuses of Nagpur city engineering colleges are living the same life at present. In the last 10 days, major IT companes are busy scouting for fresh talents. And close to a thousand students in the city have already been given offers by major IT companies till Thursday. Can’t be a better beginning for the recruitment season; believe the students and the Nagpur colleges.

Taking in truck Loads of freshers by any company is the best indicator of its economic health; and going by the campus recruitment figures at top Nagpur colleges, IT sector in India seems to be following its hiring plans, especially in its initial days of the years’ on campus recruitment season, when the companies are visiting top colleges of in different cities in India.

Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, in Nagpur, placed 200 of its students on a single day by IT giant Accenture. Another IT major, Wipro Technologies, ranked third in India, too made 81 offers to the college’s students.

YCCE College, along with three other of its parent group colleges had 150 students selected by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) while Wipro took 51 students. The fact that YCCE is accredited by Wipro hence the company sees regular recruiting by the company.

Raisoni College of Engineering students, about 150, are happy to receive offers from TCS and HCL Infotech.

Priyadarshini College of Engineering, and its group colleges, saw, Infosys alone recruiting 109 students from its group colleges in Nagpur. Other IT companies took fresh talent too.

The Average salary being offered by IT giants in their Nagpur on campus recruitment is Rs. 3.20 lakhs per annum (or 26000 per month), up by a modest 10-15% from last year.

In the coming weeks more big IT companies are scheduled to visit campuses in Nagpur thus giving opportunities to students who can go about their studies with a job offer in hand.

Overall, this on campus recruitment for top Nagpur colleges seems to go well, on students’ and colleges expectations; but the fact that the major IT companies currently in Nagpur will not be visiting all the city colleges, hence a sizeable number of students in low rung colleges will still be deprived of the opportunity.

But still, among a few things, such less lucky students can take from the campus experience of top colleges and aspirants, is that this year the key selection criteria is more focused on communication skills of the student rather than technical knowledge. But if one has both, then that hits the jackpot.