Canon Pixma Printer Ad : Women Intelligent than Men !

A recent study published in a reputed Science Journal says that Women are more intelligent than Men. This is contrary to the commonly held perception. In majorly paternalistic societies like India, it’s the boys or men who are seen more brainy than women. Actually in most cultures across the World, men are seen more brainy than women. May be this is a way invented by the rest of human race to keep men working for food, and anything aspirational.Who this rest of the world can be? Women. A journalist with a major English Daily once shared about some Social Work Seminar of the wives of top businessmen. He was awestruck by the prettily perfumed gorgeous merrily giggling women (wives of always tense business tycoons) arriving at the venue in the lap of luxury (finest apparel, accessories and chauffeur driven expensive cars).

Who is more intelligent is an unending question. Particularly in a World, where the war of genders is said to be continuously on.

The new Canon Pixma printer TV advertisement is particularly amusing. The ad begins with a plaintive small girl, telling his classmate that it’s impossible for her to prepare the Science project, as she’s not a ‘Super Student’ like him. The Boy then uses Canon Pixma to create a project for her. The Girl rewards the boy with a peck in the cheek.

A friend noted that : To prepare project the boy needed a printer that advanced. To prepare a project the girl just created a kiss!

Of course, he was joking.

The Canon Pixma TV Advertisement subtly exploits our inherently and culturally or evolutionally held beliefs.