Can’t appear in UPSC NDA on Fake Date of Birth

It has been seen many a times that candidates ‘age-wise ineligible for UPSC’s NDA exam’, appear in the exam by mentioning a false Date Of Birth in their NDA Application Forms. The reasoning behind such an action, is that, even when they will not be allowed to join, appearing in the examination will help them prepare better, when they become eligible.

Such a behaviour poses problem for UPSC, as duplicate records for the same person are saved in UPSC database.

To avoid this situation, UPSC has decided to impose “Life Time Ban on appearing in UPSC’s NDA exam”  — If a candidate is found to have mentioned two different Date of Births in his NDA Application Form and his class Xth markesheets/certificates.

UPSC’s NDA Exam:

Every Year about 350 seats are filled through UPSC’s NDA exam. These seats are in four wings of Indian Armed forces — Army, Air Force and Navy & Naval Academy. The age limit for UPSC NDA exam is 16-19 years.