A quick post in the aftermath of Subrata Roy’s , the Chairman of Sahara Group, arrest. 6 Things we can learn from Subrata Roy Sahara’s arrest : Companies with MLM model have hidden economics : MLM means Multi Level Marketing. MLM simply means if you make a downline or members for the Business under you; [...]

IDBI Mutual Fund or IDBI MF has launched ‘IDBI debt opportunities fund’. IDBI Mutual Fund on Monday launched ‘IDBI Debt Opportunities Fund. The Fund is an open-ended income scheme, with a focus on generation of interest income.  The IDBI Debt Opportunities Fund will invest in good quality rated corporate bonds through rigorous selection and monitoring process [...]

Currency trading is alien to most people. For most people, the mention of the financial market trading, brings to mind – stocks (or company shares) and commodities (gold, silver, copper, aluminum, rice, oil etc.). But do you know financial market trading can also means Currency trading? Wherein, an individual makes money off currency movements.With the [...]