Today, while reading newspaper, Khushwant Singh came to my mind. Our opinion about Khushwant Singh’s writing skills may vary, but I do think he was a prolific writer. And I found most of his writings interesting. Even during his last years, his writings in various newspapers kept making sense and remained interesting. Khushwant Singh had many [...]

Someone has rightly said : You don’t win Silver, you LOSE Gold. The Euphemism (One Liners loaded with Wisdom) came to my mind the moment I learned that India’s Ace Badminton player Saina Nehwal has yet again succumbed to pressure in an important match — the final of World Badminton Championship. With no disrespect to any [...]

We often hear people lament (feel bad) that Someone successful in their friends’ circle or extended family doesn’t pay heed to their advice anymore. Such people usually sum up their disappointment by saying : Why will he/she listen to us any more, he has become big now! Exactly this is the Fact. If a person has become successful [...]