Anyway, when we consider the broader picture, life is a struggle though we really don’t know if it is good or not. But still there’s nothing wrong in some excursion into whatever it is. Life is a struggle, every minute of it. A struggle against self, against negative thoughts, against our tendency for procrastination and [...]

It was a lazy feeling, the one that engulfs you on every Sunday morning. You wake up a good 3 hours later than your normal time and yet you feel, you were robbed of your sweet Sunday siesta. Without opening my eyes, I fumbled on the side table and managed to catch hold of the [...]

According to the reports, the Coast Guard DIG B K Loshali has been sacked by a five-member General Court Martial (GCM) in Mumbai, for contradicting the Modi government’s stand over the sinking of a Pakistani boat off the Gujarat coast last New Year’s eve. The five-member Board of Inquiry, found Loshali’s remarks in contradiction to the statements [...]