A recent study claims that people who are extreme in their religious outlooks or staunch on Right ideologies are also the ones who post most sexually explicit, sexually inclined and sexist (not treating two genders equally) content on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. If the study, apart from other things, also means sharing updates [...]

Yesterday when Brendon McCullum scored 300 runs in Test cricket; the entire New Zealand seemed to be on cloud nine. Among the celebrating fans was Stuart McCullum — a former cricketer and Brendon McCullum’s dad. He was simply clapping and had a look of great pride on his face. Nothing more nothing less. It’s interesting [...]

Lets accept this fact: Indians, particularly those in North India have a fascination for man Eaters. The reason behind this fascination may or may not be the interestingly translated tales of Maneater tigers of Uttarakhand, by Abhay Kumar Dubey. That’s why every time a death happens in Corbett National Park, we start thinking about a [...]