A recent study claims that people who are extreme in their religious outlooks or staunch on Right ideologies are also the ones who post most sexually explicit, sexually inclined and sexist (not treating two genders equally) content on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. If the study, apart from other things, also means sharing updates [...]

If you’re in a habit of folding your bed every morning, then a recent study wants you not to do that. Bed sheets and bed quilts (in Hindi Razai) when folded, become favourable for the growth of dust mites (microscopic organisms). These dust mites are responsible for morning sneezes and clogged nostrils. The disarrayed unkempt [...]

This means all the women will have a risk of developing Alzheimer’s . As it’s hard to find a woman who is not jealous. Just joking. According to a new study, Women who are anxious, jealous, or moody, worried and distressed in middle age may be at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease later [...]