Internet or Web (World Wide Web) is surely playing a role in the evolution of languages. The fact that people are creating truckloads of online content everyday, makes the process extremely fast. For some years now, people are using Spokesperson instead of Spokesman in their written and verbal communication. This is to remove gender from [...]

Here is the ‘O’ Calorie K-challenge and other musings in a last ditch attempt to “Save O” ! Well Zer-iouz Issuez mean Serious Issues.   I rarely chat on any of the chatting facilities available on www. I especially avoid the younger lot for the single reason that I don’t understand what they send in the [...]

Corinne McKay’s book ‘How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, Second Edition‘ second edition is a book every aspiring Freelance translator should read.The Book is reviewed well; with one review, actually a detailed analysis of the book, saying “If this book is not the bible for freelance translators, we don’t know what is” is music [...]