CBSE Class 10 Maths Re-exam | Will it… Will it NOT!

From where I see, I am quite certain that the Union HRD ministry in all probability will go against re-exam for CBSE Class 10.

The Ministry may be contemplating the need for re-examination for Class 10 Maths paper at present, but in all likelihood it will go against the re-exam.

For information sake, preliminary inquiry in the CBSE Board Exam paper leak has revealed the Class 10 paper leak occurred in Haryana and Delhi-NCR, which is why re-exam id it takes place, will be held only in these two regions.

Whether the cbse class 10 maths paper leak was region bound, or is much far are wide, than the preliminary inquiry tells, must be of least concern right now.

What is of concern is that children must not be penalized for some systemic failure. If an examination body fails to conduct an examination in a secure manner, then the burden of blame is on the system or the regulating body. It cannot be put on the examinees. Even if some or many of them managed to benefit from that leak.

A re-exam for school children can be very stressful. In fact a big section among them will not be able to return to an exam mindset once again.

Instead of re-exam, the HRD Ministry must make exams more secure or leak-proof in future. For now, why must it get pre-occupied with some un-deserving students clearing the hurdle?

When I think this way, I feel that the Ministry will decide against re-exam.

And that I think will be the correct choice — The correct choice will be NO re-exam.

UPDATE April 03 2018: CBSE says NO re-exam for Class 10 Maths.

PS: Meanwhile, all the students who are likely to take the re-exam, must keep a close watch on the new exam dates and; keep preparing for the said exam.