CBSE Class 10th, 12th examination marks scrutiny | Last Date July 7

The CBSE has started the process for CBSE Class 10th, 12th examination marks scrutiny. If you appeared in the Board examination in 2017, then here is the Last Date, Fee, procedure etc.

CBSE Class 10th, 12th examination marks scrutinyDo you want to put your CBSE Class 10th or 12th examination marks to scrutiny or rechecking? If yes, then the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is now accepting applications for scrutiny of CBSE Class 10th and CBSE Class 12th board examinations marks.

Subjects for which CBSE is excepting applications for scrutiny or Rechecking


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Hindi Core and Hindi Elective
  • English Core, two English Electives — one based on the CBSE curriculum; while other on that of the NCERT.

Last Date to apply for Rechecking or scrutiny of the board marks


July 7

CBSE Board Examination 2017 request for scrutiny of the marks fee and maximum questions that you can put for rechecking


According to CBSE,

“Request for a maximum 10 questions in theory portion in twelve subjects will be entertained at the rate of Rs 100 per question. Request for scrutiny of the marks will only be accepted once,”

“The applicant will have to refer to the marking scheme in the subject concerned, which would be available on the website along with the question paper and then submit application for scrutiny in the required question(s) with reasoning,”

For example, if you apply for rechecking or scrutiny of 6 questions in one subject, and 4 questions in the other subject; then you use the maximum 10 questions limit. In this case you will have to pay 10 x Rs. 100 = Rs. 1000 plus banking/other charges.

You can apply for lesser than the maximum limit as well.

Should you go for scrutiny of rechecking of your CBSE Class 12th or 10th Board Examination marks


If you are unhappy with your CBSE Board examination marks and see even a fair chance of getting better marks; then you apply for scrutiny. In case, you are unsure of the process then you must seek help for someone who you think can help you.