Celebrity Lemon diet for weight loss: Beyonce, Naomi swear by!

Heard about the lemon diet for weight loss?

The same lemon diet which celebrities such as Beyonce and Naomi Campbell simply swear by?

If NO… then here is what a lemon diet is:

The Celebrity Lemon Diet, also called the ‘Master Cleanse Diet‘ is one in which one has to observe a 10 day long fast. While on this diet, the dieter consumes around 6 to 12 glasses of lemon juice mixed with sea salt. The mixture essentially involves maple syrup, filtered water, pepper and lime juice. While on this lemon diet, the dieter is forbidden from eating solid foods (though eating crushed ice helps). Another advice to follow is not to exercise or do any kind of activity in which the person is most likely to get tired.

So is the lemon diet OR master Cleanse diet really effective? Or is it just a fad.

People who have observed the diet find the diet very effective as it leads to instant weight loss, fewer cravings of junk food and skin glow. Some of these claims may be true to al arge extent as the Vitamin C found in lemon helps in increasing fat oxidation (burning), which leads to sudden weight loss. In addition, as the lemon diet is devoid of the right balance of nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins; it can be best categorized as a model diet and works best for people who need to look thin fast.

But critics of the diet see this diet bringing with it many side effects too. One may experience recurring headaches as the extreme fasting takes a toll on the body. And in order to maintain the lost weight, one has to continue measuring their calorie intake closely. Regular exercise becomes a must in order to maintain the lost water weight. In addition, the dieter needs to check his/her salt intake as high levels of sodium post diet period, can lead to instant weight gain (salt has tendency to retain water in body). Hence critics find this nothing more than a fad diet; wherein the results achieved during the 10 days of dieting soon reverse one the person gets back to the normal diet and lifestyle.

Interestingly, prolific Indian author Khushwant Singh also talks about a similar “Orange diet” in his autobiography, Truth, Love and a Little Malice. In the book, Mr Singh, now in his 90s, recollects about a popular diet, popularized by a strict physician in London in 1940s. The diet involves 30 days of strict fasting, wherein a dieter consumes nothing but “a single Orange with luke warm water every day”. Khushwant Singh says that, after 30 days he not only lost significant weight; but his eyesight improved too. But as soon as he got back to his old lifestyle, all the positive results vanished too.

In India, one of the household remedies to effect weight loss, is very similar to this celebrity lemon diet. In this remedy, a tablespoon of honey+ one lemon extract+ luke warm water, are mixed together, and taken every day early in the morning empty stomach. But unlike the celebrity lemon diet, the Indian prescription ends just there, and the person can continue with his daily food and lifestyle after taking the Honey-lemon remedy in the morning.

Conclusion: The lemon diet in no way promotes a healthy lifestyle and is a happy part of fad diets which may or may not work. As happens with most fad diets they have one or two ingredients which have a role to play in losing weight or getting results. But since most fad diets take an unhealthy approach to weight loss and try to cut on body’s calorie requirements too drastically; their results are often reversible and take a toll in the body. As including a bit of lime juice in your everyday diet ensures a good supply of much needed Vitamin C, using it to quicken one’s metabolism; as the Indian remedy does, without drastically cutting one one’s food intake can be a good idea. Regarding, the celebrity Lemon diet OR the Orange diet of the London physician; they are simply not the best solution for your weight loss.

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