Celebrity personal trainer teaches you master your metabolism

For people who want to lose weight without a personal trainer and dietitian, incorporating the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in their diet is a big challenge. In the absence of right knowledge many weight loss aspirants choose a diet that completely neglects a major component of food. This, in short as well as long term, proves unrewarding and sometimes harming too.

Like if one skips carbohydrates entirely in one’s diet, chances are the person will go in depression. As carbohydrates are the most readily available source of energy, they fulfill normal functioning needs of the body.

Examples and effects of a poorly crafted diet are many.

Although it’s always good to have a personal interaction with a dietitian; to get a proper diet chart created for you (based on one’s requirements and medical history); still well researched books from experts of the field, do help in most cases.

America’s most well-known personal trainer, 36-year-old, Jillian Michaels, has written a book on this particular subject, taking some time off from her busy schedule (apart from being a trainer, she has also filmed two television shows and launched a clothing line with K-Swiss).

The book released in April this year, titles The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook.

The book contains recipes and tips for healthy cooking. Something Jillian has gained both from her successful personal trainer career and being a woman.