Chances are You Will Not End Up With your True Love : Study

What if You didn’t end up with your True Love. Most People Don’t, says a New Study.

true love, soul mate, happily ever after, marriageA New Study reveals that most people don’t end End Up With Their True Love. So there are high chances, you will not end up with your true love too. A bleak thought for a Saturday morning, but quite comforting at the same time, as in reality many of us have seen this happening.

So don’t worry if your life could never become “happily ever after”. You are not alone, that stuff of fairy tales is denied to more than 70 percent of humans in love.

A new study says that many people don’t end up with the true love of their life. The study, of 2,000 people in London, conducted by Siemens Festival Nights found that as many as 73 percent of people surveyed say they are “making do” in their relationship because their true love got away.

But the good thing is, the study also found that 75 percent of adults say their definition of love changes as they get older. In other words, even when not with their true love, they learn to live happy. Something, which Fast Track Advertisement says: Move On.