Chandan Mitra sees Gujarat State BJP different From Narendra Modi

In a TV Panel debate yesterday, BJP Spokesperson Chandan Mitra put forward a weird theory.

When a co-panelist blamed Narendra Modi of parading dead bodies in Ahmedabad city and calling a state wide bandh, just before the 2002 Gujarat Riots; Chandan Mitra said, it was the State BJP and not the CM Narendra Modi who did so.

Now this logic is unpalatable. If Gujarat had BJP led Government during 2002 Gujarat riots, then how can one see the acts of BJP’s Gujarat Unit disjoint from the state CM. More so when many Indians see the acts as the trigger to the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Lets take another example to see why Chandan Mitra’s logic is ridiculous.

Recently Congress’s Sanjay Nirupam staged a protest against his own party’s Government in Maharashtra demanding a reduction in Electricity tariffs in the state. Will you believe, if I say — The Congress led Maharashtra Government was not privy to Mr. Nirupam’s protest? Surely you will not.

If you don’t believe me on this. And if you see the privity (being party to other’s plan) between Mr. Nirupam and the Maharashtra Government here, then you can’t see the role played by Gujarat State BJP in 2002 riots disjoint From Narendra Modi. And his Government.