Cheap Airline Tickets Secrets Revealed in a New Book by Ex-Airline Worker

Cheap airline tickets secrets are now being revealed by an ex-airline worker in a brand new book. The ex-employee and author, Tony Morrison, is now revealing how to save hundreds of dollars off of any airplane ticket on any airline in the world.

Cheap airline tickets are hard to find when planning a trip or going to a different city for business purposes. The new book, by one ex-airline employee is hoping to help educate anyone that buys airline tickets on how to do it at huge discounts. The new book Cheap Airline Tickets Secrets by Tony Morrison gives away many of the secrets of airline tickets that could save someone hundreds of dollars off the price of a standard ticket.

Families that are going on vacation or business travelers that want to reduce the cost of frequent travel could learn how to save big when buying airline tickets online and offline.

According to the Air Transport Association, there are over 2.2 million air travelers in the U.S. that buy tickets and board airplanes each day. These numbers usually double during holiday seasons when airlines typically make the bulk of annual ticket sales. Crowded airports and late arrivals are some of the issues that passengers are forced to deal with when traveling by air. The Newark airport in New Jersey has been ranked the sixth most delayed airport in the world by a recent survey of airplane passenger data. The push to find cheap and discounted travel online is one thing that led to the creation of the Cheap Airline Tickets Secrets book.

“I spend next to nothing for the majority of my worldwide travels,” said Tony Morrison, author of the Cheap Airline Tickets Secrets book. “Just one of the secrets that I teach in my book can help someone instantly save $100 from the purchase of any airline ticket,” Morrison added.

The national average price for a round trip airline ticket is now $338. Companies that frequently send employees to business meetings or conferences often upgrade travel arrangements to make employee travel more comfortable. These upgrades can raise the price of a ticket as much as 300 percent. Companies that are trying to reduce business airfare expenses could benefit from free airline ticket vouchers that are granted by airlines. These free vouchers are just one of the topics exposed in the Cheap Airline Tickets Secrets book.

“I know how to fly for free or for a severely reduced rate and I’m now teaching average people,” said Tony Morrison. Both domestic and international travel are covered in-depth inside Tony’s new book. The once best-kept secrets of every major airline and travel agent are now being revealed to help consumers cut out or drastically reduce airline ticket travel expenses.

Cheap Airline Tickets Secrets book by Tony Morrison

NOTE: For frequent flyers.