Chef Jamie Oliver Requests “Don’t Waste Food”, in New Book

Jamie Oliver, the always salivating chef of Discovery Travel and Living Channel (TLC) has launched a New cook book. The Message is Conserve Food.

Speaking at the launch of his new cookbook (Video Below) – Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less – Jamie Oliver discusses the reasons for the need to Waste Less and what he wants people to get out of it. He emphasizes in particular how much the book can save families money.

The message Jamie Oliver wants to convey through his book is fascinating. Especially when, every time a morsel is wasted, someone in this world gets a mosel Less. Taking Jamie’s point a little further, the need to conserve food is important as the process of food preparation involves money both directly and indirectly. Speaking of indirect spends (as direct spends are too obvious), the indirect spend in the process of preparation of food involves the money spend on fuel, refrigeration and disposal. Hence just like water, electricity, petrol — Food must not be wasted (a morsel saved by a person, spares one morsel for another human being).


About the Book:

Publisher: Michael Joseph Ltd

ASIN: 0718158148

EAN: 9780718158149

price: $22.24 (new), $27.23 (used)