A Child crying inconsolably and Fake news!

Is fake news on WhatsApp costing us valuable time?

It seems so.

For the past one week, some WhatsApp users are sharing video clips of young children, who seem to be at the receiving end of child abuse (beating, thrashing), crying inconsolably and calling for help.

Those who are sharing such video clips are making an emotional appeal to share the video clip because the child in the video clip urgently needs help or needs to be rescued.

But there is a catch here?

There is no mention of any Address or mobile number to locate the child. Or to contact the person who wants the child to be rescued.

How will anyone help, if he/she doesn’t know the location where the child abuse is taking place?

A genuine/True call for help will always accompany some contact number or some address.

Hence these video clips seem fake, and hence sharing them will be a waste of your valuable time. Don’t share them.