How To Prepare and Teach a Child at Kindergarten, New Book

Guidelines For Child Improvement: How To Prepare a Child For Kindergarten. How to teach a Child at Kindergarten. A new book by teacher, for fellow and Parents.

This will offend many PRT teachers out there, but I have always believed that the teachers in PRT should not be promoted to the TGT (6-10th Classes) level. The reason for this is simple: By the time a PRT starts understanding the 1-5th class children, he/she is transported at the TGT level. This means that all the experience the teacher gained at TGT level gets wasted without the real implementation. In addition, I also believe that the Primary teachers are the most important of the teachers for any child; as the child learns the life’s first lessons there. That apart, I also believe that teaching, especially the kindergarten teaching must be taken by those, who are really interested in spending time with children. Who one knows this? Simple, only a reluctant teacher unnecessarily shouts and beats a student.

That said, teachers should always keep improving themselves. One way of doing so, is by reading new and good books on How To teach Children to make them Happy and always learning individuals.

Becky Cox has released her new guidebook, Ready for School! which she dedicates to all teachers who give themselves every day for their students and parents who want to see their children succeed.

Ready for School! is based on the author’s own experiences as a kindergarten teacher and work she has done to meet the needs of diverse learners. The book is specifically meant for kindergarten teachers; but teachers at other levels and parents at other levels can also read this book. The idea is how to understand a child better and help him grow holistically.

What the book, School Ready offers?

  • How to address the needs of students who come to school under-prepared
  • How to address the needs of students who always want new concepts presented in a different way
  • How can parents help their children prepare for kindergarten.
  • How can parents and teachers make the child do extra practice to reinforce his/her kindergarten skills.
  • The Book offers innovative activities designed to prepare all children for school.
  • The Book also offers interesting activities for those kids who need extra practice in the kindergarten classroom.

Teachers and parents who want to have insights on the topic must read the book.

About the Book:

Are you a kindergarten teacher who struggles to meet the needs of students who come to school under-prepared or who need new concepts presented in a different way? Are you a parent who needs ideas about how to help your child prepare for kindergarten, or do you have a child who is already enrolled in kindergarten and is struggling or needs extra practice to reinforce kindergarten skills? If so, Ready for School! is perfect for you. The activities author Becky Cox has created and presents in Ready for School! are designed to prepare all children for school and give extra practice to those already in the kindergarten classroom who may need it. Together we can ensure the success of all children.

164 pages.

About the Author:


Ms. Cox has taught children ages 6 and below for 16 years. She currently teaches preschool in Tennessee, USA and bachelor’s and master’s methods courses in reading and mathematics. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, a master’s degree in reading and literacy from Walden University, and a doctor’s degree in teacher leadership from Walden University.