Your Child needs Trained Teacher for Better Learning | Class 7-12

According to a study by University of California, there is a link between teacher professional development and improvements; and in academic writing by English learners in grades 7-12.

In simple, it means that among the factors necessary for better grades of students in class 7 to 12, the learner (the child) must be taught by a Trained Teacher.

The study findings are even more important for India.

Why? Because an increasing number of parents in India focus LEAST on the Trained Teacher aspect of school education.

The parents show preference for bigger private schools, more syllabus, more homework etc. But they rarely show preference for a Well Trained Teacher (Here a Trained teacher means someone who has received educational and Institutional Education in Education i.e. How to Teach children).

How one can say so?

Because parents often stage protest against Fee increase. But they never question the school administration regarding the qualifications of its teachers and the salaries it pays to them.

Another reason is lesser preference for Government schools among parents.

The above two reasons are sufficient enough to explain the lack of focus.

A trained teacher with merit doesn’t come cheap. That’s why only Government Schools can afford them or are duty bound to afford them. A private school rarely pays its teachers the salaries equivalent to a Government school. Hence most its teaching staff is not Well Trained.

So the next time you as a parent get concerned about your child’s grades in school, make sure to question the school administration about the salaries it pays to its teachers. Unless the school pays good salary to its teachers, the quality of education cannot be good.