Choose your methods wisely if your New Year resolution is to lose weight

To put directly what the title of today’s post really means, Let I use an example.

One diet which is gaining popularity these days is the HCG diet.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin –A hormone present in the urine of Pregnant woman , which boosts her metabolism to assist better growth of the growing foetus.

In the HCG Diet, a person takes a couple of drops of HCG. If you buy, then I’ll make money; But my advice is to wait and read), which comes in 2 ounce bottles, either under the tongue or in water for 26 days. In addition to taking the HCG diet drops regularly, the person has to follow a strict 500 calories a day diet.

Those who are practicing the diet, are claiming it to be very effective. In the video below a lady says she lost 35 pounds in 35 days.

On the contrary, critics of the diet are of the view that the weight loss is achieved with side effects that include blood clots, depression,headaches, dizziness.

What ‘Choose your methods wisely if your New Year resolution is to lose weight’ means:

In one of my previous posts, I talked in detail what this HCG diet is, and how it effects weight loss. In that post and by looking at the video above, we can say that rather than the HCG drops, it’s the strict calorie cut that is becoming more instrumental in weight loss. As the doctor, the creator of the HCG drops, herself says it’s not an eating plan but strictly a diet. Which in essence means as soon as a person comes back to his/her normal diet, he/she will start gaining weight.

If one looks at the role of HCG in the popular diet product, then it can either be nothing more than a placebo(where a person assumes non medicinal substance to be an effective medicine) OR is playing a role of a metabolism booster, delivering similar benefits like those of physical exercise. If we assume the later to be true, going by the doctor’s words in the video; then too we can assume that a person will start gaining weight if he/she doesn’t decrease his/her food intake.

In short the HCG diet is nothing but an encouragement for people to adopt a lifestyle where they count their calories.

Conclusion: It looks utterly funny how these weight loss products try to take people away from physical exercise. And that is the main reason why most diets fail. Physical exercise is not only for weight loss; it’s also for how we feel. Studies have confirmed that physical activity, whether it’s walking, jogging, aerobics, workouts etc. increase ‘feel good chemicals’ in our blood stream; resulting in a feeling of happiness and optimism. And happiness and optimism make us realize our goals whatever they are.

So, why go for HCGs or some other such products? How about putting your shoes on and start walking, jogging, running. Let the brain induct some feel good chemicals in blood stream and in the newly received optimism, chalk out a strict but healthy diet plan.