Circle SNIPER: Vertical Laser Gaming Mouse Launched

Circle SNIPER – Vertical Laser Gaming Mouse. Ergonomically designed, accurate, comfortable to use, slim to nil learning curve. Highly programmable with adjustable sensitivity -Just Right for the gamers.

CIRCLE today unveiled Circle SNIPER —  vertical laser gaming mouse – for the gamers. The form of the vertical gaming mouse is interesting, especially when we are accustomed to seeing mouse like mice. The Sniper, vertical laser gaming mouse has High accuracy scrolling, detachable palm rest with highly programmable buttons.

Circle SNIPER - Vertical Laser Gaming Mouse

Circle SNIPER, optimises the workspace and the grip of the vertical mouse is high when compared to a traditional horizontal mice. The unique design eliminates the pressure on the wrist and the arm. The anti-skid grain feature of the detachable pal rest allows the user for smooth functioning. Each of the buttons are easy to press without being over sensitive. With the 3 DPI resolution mode of 1000/1600/2400 provides handy accuracy in bumping the speed of the mouse and shortening the long arm movements.

Circle SNIPER - Vertical Laser Gaming Mouse Tech Specifications


Key Features of Circle SNIPER

  • Hand engine’s Design protect users hands
  • High precision mechanical speed change of wheel
  • Anti slip design
  • Vertical mouse
  • Detachable non slip palm rest
  • Driver free 3 DPI mode


Technical specifications

  • Laser Engine:  1000/1600/2400 DPI switch,
  • Ergonomics:  Efficiently relax  arm with brand new grasping way, challenge the Limitation of ergonomics
  • Fashionable Appearance:  Simple and notable design
  • Scientific Design:  Scientific and overall design are adapted for natural grip of fingers and thumb, comfortable and healthy

Circle SNIPER - Vertical Laser Gaming Mouse. How To use a Vertical Laser gaming mouse.


Circle SNIPER Price, warranty and Availability

Circle SNIPER comes at an MRP of Rs. 2499 and available with 3 year warranty.


Some Explanations: Ergonomic Design means that the design is such that it maximises productivity, is comfortable and reduces operator fatigue and discomfort. For instance, when one says ergonomic Aeroplane passenger Windows, then it also means that the passenger can have the view outside without straining his/her eyes or neck. In the case of vertical laser gaming mouse, ergonomic design means that the gamer can play for long duration with least fatigue and discomfort.