What Civil Services 2015 topper Tina Dabi will do for HER Children?

A Day before yesterday, UPSC declared the final results of Civil Services 2015. Tina Dabi, a 22-year-old woman from Delhi topped the 2015 civil services examination on her first attempt.

But that’s not the point of this write-up.

Some major National Dailies, including Amar Ujala, tried to give the credit of Tina Dabi’s success to her mother’s sacrifice.

According to Amar Ujala, the UPSC  Civil Services 2015 topper’s mother sacrificed her professional career(she was with a Public Sector Telecom company) so that he daughter could become an IAS. In short, the article wanted to portray a picture that in order to get one’s children succeed in such competitive exams and make brilliant careers, a working woman or working mother should sacrifice her career.

The sacrifice story is quite immature, misplaced and hence unnecessary.

If a working woman has to sacrifice her own career for the sake of her children; then Tina Dabi’s mother’s sacrifice will get wasted. Why? … As taking inspiration of her mother Tina Dabi will also sacrifice her career (career as a Civil Servant or IAS) for the sake of her children. If the tradition continues then… Tina Dabi’s grand children will also do the same. What will be the result?… No woman in the family will take their careers to the peak.

We know this will not happen.

Because, a working woman doesn’t work to neglect her children. She works simply because being a human being she too has professional aspirations. She also wants to grow in her career. She also wants to make use of her education. She wants to to be economically independent. She also works because she knows by working she will ensure that her children get better education. She works because she wants to tell her daughter, that the daughter must also stand on her own feet.

Hence, a woman who can work, MUST WORK.