Sitting All Day in a Chair increases Colorectal Cancer Risks For Men

A recent study says that the one thing in your office which can affect your longevity the most is your Office Chair. Since humans is not made to sit all day in a chair, hence a chair is quite bad for one’s health and can even rob a few years from one’s life.

Adding another bad fact to the humble chair, a new study by Researchers from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, claims that “Men who spend more than 11 hrs sitting, are 45 % more likely to develop colorectal adenomas (adenoma formed from adeno-, “gland” + -oma, “tumor”. Colorectal is a compound word formed by the merging of Colon rectum)- presented at Am Assoc of Cancer Research Meeting. colorectal adenomas are known as the precursors for colorectal cancer.

You can’t do anything if your work makes you site all day in a chair. To break the monotony though, you can get up from your seat every 30 minutes and stretch and walk a couple of steps. This will not take more than One minute.