Comedy lovers will miss Jaspal Bhatti

The maker of comedy shows like Ulta-Pulta and Flop Show, Jaspal Bhatti, is no more. The noted comedian died in a car accident in Chandigarh yesterday. He was 57. Comedy lovers will miss Jaspal Bhatti.

Jaspal Bhatti accomplished something very few comedians tried before and After:

An engineer by education, Jaspal Bhatti appeared on Indian TV landscape in late 80s and early nineties. Those were the pre-cable TV days. But still he accomplished something very few comedians tried before and After.

Unlike Pankaj Kapoor’s Office Office and similar comedic-satirical shows, which made Government Office corruption their staple diet; Bhatti’s comedy tried to hit the very core of Indian corruption. The very Core was — How Indian Mindset actually works and how it assists Corrupt practices in Indian society and Government.

Bhatti very clearly saw that in the core of Indian corruption, there’s the Indian mindset, which always makes the individual to ‘Climb Hierarchies’ and ‘Social Ladder’. Equipped with this sound realization, he created Flop show episodes, where you see a ‘Professor more interested in having a brainy PhD understudy as his sister-in-law’s future husband, than making him a hard working future academic’. In another episode, on IT raids, ‘the incumbent (played by Bhatti himself),  whose house was to be be raided, tells his wife that “he should borrow Rs. 5000 from Mr. Sharma, his neighbor; else People will say that Bhatti ke ghar me IT Raid Pari, aur 5000 ruapaye bhi nahin mile; isse bahut badnami hogi”.

Just go to YouTube and search for ‘Jaspal Bhatti Flop Show’ and you will relive or realize the importance of Bhatti’s work.

In his Book, Being Indian, noted diplomat, Pawan Verma, says that Indians are inherently Social Climbers.

This can indeed be true. A transparent example of this is the success of democracy in India. Indian people do have faith in democracy — A faith which tells them that anyone can become Important and powerful in the country. They may not say it directly, but deep inside they know, this is because of Democracy (after all British Rule and Zamindari are etched deep in country’s collective psyche).

That said. Just try to see Indians around you. You will see the distinct traits in most Indians: which puts them close to Late Jaspal Bhatti’s and Pawan Verma’s estimation of “what it’s like to be an Indian”.

Caution You. If you see an Indian like Asim Trivedi, who made highly uncomfortable cartoons, only to later on participate in Bigg Boss 6; don’t be surprised, this is Actually what it means “Being Indian”.

Jaspal Bhatti RIP.