Comment Policy

First of all, let we thank you for being such an engaged readers. Your comments make The Dehradun Post Lively.

We get two kinds of comments. One, which share your view on various articles. Two, where you ask us a question and demand an answer.

Over the time, going by the sheer volume of comments, it has become extremely difficult to address the comments of the second kind. That’s why we felt a need to share with you Our Comment Policy.

The Dehradun Post’s Comment Policy is to put every new comment through manual moderation. Only approved comments will show up in the comments section.

Only those comments which convey views in a civilized manner and are unique are approved. For instance, those comments which put the same question twice are not approved.

Below are some Dos and Donts regarding Comments

1) Before putting a question, take some time to scroll down the comments section under each article. There is likelihood that we had already answered that Question.

2) In case you don’t find your Question answered in the comment section; do take some time to look for articles answering your Question. Articles are neatly stacked in Categories. For instance, all articles related to IGNOU can be found under IGNOU Category.

3) Help fellow readers by answering their Questions.

4) Do not use uncivilized language in comments. Only comments made in a civilized language are accepted.

5) Comments on a new Article will remain open for 30 days Only. You can comment only during this 30 day period. After that you will be to see all the comments, but will not be able to make one. This is to avoid repetitive comments. In case, you don’t get the answer to your question in the article (for which comments are closed), take time to read the comments below the article. We would have surely answered the question in a reply to some comment. If you don’t find your answer even there, then you can contact us at our email(given on the top menu). Note that not all emails are answered.

Thanks and Keep commenting.