Compensation to victims of Communal Violence Increased… No surprise!

The Union Government has increased the compensation given to the victims of communal violence, terrorist attacks and Naxal attacks from 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh, informs Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

The new BJP Government’s decision to treat communal violence same as the terrorist & naxal attacks is not surprising. From the last two years we are seeing communal clashes where ever there are upcoming elections or where ever there is a possibility of a communal divide. Not to say more, it’s the poor people who are made to fight for the religion. They are the ones who die as well. Religion has such a pull for people, that even after losing their loved one in a communal clash, the biggest thing which disappoints the families of the victim are the unfulfilled promises. One of which is the compensation money. This doesn’t happen because they equate their loved one’s life with compensation money. This happens because they are told religion is worth dying for. One can find similar compensating tactics across the border as well. According to a news report I read some years ago, whenever a non-soldier dies in Pakistan’s so called war against India, the Pakistan Army sends a couple of soldiers to the deceased’s village, put a garland on the deceased’s photo and give a box of sweets to the family. Pakistan is much poorer than us, you see. The fact that no one ever questions why people should fight or die on the religion, that’s why we see politics of religion, inside and outside India.

No one ever, except for the political parties, benefited for communal disharmony. Let aside, the negative effects of communal tension on business, trade and commerce; it diminishes us as human beings as well.