Conditions required to crack the JEE 2012

Conditions required to crack the JEE 2012:

1) The aspirant has to score at least 10% marks in each of the three subjects and a minimum aggregate of 35% to get featured on the common rank list for admission to IITs. until last time, the minimum qualifying marks in JEE were calculated by taking into account the average of marks scored, by all the candidates who wrote the exam.

Fixing the minimum marks required in each subject and aggregately will make the system more transparent, while making it easier for students to set their goals in the exam, hopes Joint Admission Board (JEB).

2) There will be a separate rank list for OBC and SC/ST candidates.

OBC candidates will get a relaxation of 10% in the minimum marks required to crack JEE. OBC candidates will have to score at least 9% in each subject and 31.5% in aggregate in order to be in the OBC rank list. Candidates of SC and ST categories must score at least 5% in each subject and 17.5% in aggregate to be on their respective rank lists.