Congress inventing “Prasiddhi Ghotala” for Gujarat Assembly Polls

Congress has invented “Prasiddhi Ghotala” for Gujarat Assembly Polls. And this is Funny.

Funny — As you can’t generalize things that blatantly. BJP Government may have spent a big money on buying positive news, in India and Abroad; but it didn’t spend all the money solely on PR exercise. It also may have received something in return. Like, big business investors (via FDI and other means).

So it’s funny how, Congress is calling the entire spend of Rs 1, 43, 000 crore as a Scam.

But on second thought, Congress may be giving the ‘BJP treatment’ to ‘BJP’.

BJP is actually the champion of  such propaganda  This came to light, when it invented a “2G Scam” — ignoring completely that Indian Mobile Subscribers also gained a lot in return of Government giving concessions to the Operators. Some of these goodies are: India having one of the lowest Call  rates any where in the world, Average Revenue Per User or ARPU (Revenue Earned by a mobile operator per user) is always on a decline, and mobile penetration in the country grew to 80 percent of the population. That apart, India’s mobile network quality is almost as good as any developed country.

That apart, the Mobile market in India is dominated by 4 or 5 big players. And they are properly linked and represented by their Guild. In such a situation, no matter how the Government would have tried  it couldn’t auction 2G spectrum to these players. The reason is the same, which we are witnessing now, with the current attempt to auction the Spectrum. The top operators, talking to each other and unanimously deciding that No one will bid for the auction.

BJP built a similar Scam Propaganda around CWG as well.

To conclude, this propaganda is not benefiting the people. Because we need specific intelligence, instead of blatant generalizations.