Congress stoops Low for Muslim Votes

Congress leader Salman Khurshid’s yesterday’s statements made at a poll rally in a Muslim dominated region of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, are not only sad but unfortunate as well.

In the said poll rally speech, Union Law & Minorities Minister Salman Khurshid not only questioned the Batla House encounter but also claimed that pictures of the 2008 Delhi Police crackdown on suspected Indian Mujahideen cadres had moved party president Sonia Gandhi to tears.

Why the said statements are akin to stooping Low?

First, if Sonia Gandhi or the Government was so sad about the killing of the suspected Indian Mujahideen cadres; then why didn’t it investigate the encounter? If the Government of world’s biggest democracy can’t investigate fake killings, then who else can!

Two, if the Government is convinced that the Batla House encounter actually gunned down three REAL terrorists; then no one should shed a tear, for obvious reasons. Then why is Mr. Khurshid talking guilt now.

A Question:

Have you ever asked yourself, what sort of country can have Police Officers addressed as ‘Encounter Specialists’? ESs specialize in killing fugitives or suspects; and when talked about in conventional media, the number of encounter killings is often appended after their names.

When the due process of law in India clearly enumerates that the role of police ends at catching a suspect and investigating him/her; and resting on to the Courts of Law decide on the culpability (whether the person suspected of a crime is guilty or not); then under what kind of mechanism, “encounter specialists”, take on to themselves the role of Court as well.

NOTE: “Encounter Specialists”, are celebrated by both electronic and print media in the country. A sub Inspector of Maharashtra police, Daya Nayak, hailed as Encounter Specialist, even has a Bollywood movie made on his Life, titled “Ab Tak Chhappan” (So far gunned down 56!). Pradeep Sharma, a cop in Gujarat police, encountered many, until put behind bars in a fake encounter case.

Does the existence of such Encounter Specialists in regular police of the country, allow one to infer the existence of fake killings or fake encounters in the country?

Do think over this, keeping in mind, Daya Nayak, who championed the Gun and was later put to jail for amassing property (worth over 100 crore of Rupees) more than his known source of income…