Compensation to Cops killed in Mathura Jawahar Bagh: What Formula?

It’s necessary to question the way Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav awarded compensation to the families of the Police officers killed in the Mathura Jawahar Bagh encroachment issue.

The Question is: What formula had been followed while awarding compensation to the Cops killed in Mathura Jawahar Bagh killings of the two officers.

The compensation list goes like this…

  • Rs. 50 lakh to the next of kin of two martyred police officers in Mathura clash.
  • Extraordinary pension to the families of two martyred policemen (most likely in Police Force)
  • Job to one member from each family
  • plus … all Govt. help in rehabilitation of their dependents.

Now, with due respect to Late Mukul Dwivedi, SP City and Santosh Kumar, SHO; the question is not about who got the compensation. The death of the bread winning member in any family is a matter of sympathy, but the question is important.

The question is important as in the wave of patriotism we are NOT making these relevant questions.

We are not making such questions, every time an army soldier is killed while doing his duty.

We are not making such questions, every time a police personnel is killed while doing his duty.

But we should and must, as there must be some method to this madness.

After all there must be some formula while giving such compensations. For the following reasons…

  • We are not monarchy. We are a democracy. Every money, be it in the hands of the politicians or the Government is People’s money. You cannot distribute it, out of political compulsions and for vote bank.

When BJP came to power the last time, it started the practice of awarding big compensations to the defense personnel killed on duty. Today, we are awarding that much money to our martyrs, which often proves that a soldier killed is more precious than a soldier who completes his service.

Does this mean a soldier who completes his service because of his better skills (and survival) is Less important than one who turns martyr? …. Today, we have reached a level, where such compensations are awarded solely on the basis of political compulsions.

  • The duty of the State doesn’t stop at awarding a compensation. If that would have been the case, then future mistakes will not b avoided. There’ll be no one to be blamed for the present and the future mistakes.

If the Jawahar Bagh incident took place because of  ill-equipped or not adequately skilled Police, then that should also come to light. This is the true meaning of Peoples’ Rule.

  • When a Soldier or Police is killed while doing his duty; the family must get that much compensation as is necessary to maintain the same lifestyle, the person would have managed for his family, if he had been alive. That’s why a clear formula is needed. You cannot treat compensation as an act of ‘distributing gems by the King’.
  • And finally… there’s the question of Poverty and unemployment of countless Young men & women in the country. Be it a martyrdom in Army or Police; the compensation given must follow some fixed written formula. A formula which has some clear logic to it. Having clear rules benefit not only the poor and unemployed; but also the martyrdom of those who become unsung heroes. It prevents the in-discretionary spending of peoples money as well.

I’ve no problems, be it Akhilesh Yadav or anyone in the BJP Government at Centre, give additional money or help to the kin of the martyrs, from their personal money or property. That’s they should do that in their personal capacity and out of their own resources. But I do have problem when this is done out of Peoples money.

This because a money spent once, can’t be spent twice. The money and other resources (jobs, land etc.), are scarce (insufficient) even for a country. Thus, when money is distributed for votes, then those with little or no resources; and those who are unemployed suffer the most.